Name of General Contractor: Standard Pacific Homes
Address: 26 Technology Drive, Irvine, CA. 92618
Contact Person: Toni
Tel. No. (949) 789-1600
Project Name: Redwood Lofts
Job Address: 4055 Redwood Ave., Marina Del Rey, CA. 90066

Name of General Contractor: Hill Contracting
Address: 3271 Airflite Way, Long Beach, CA. 90807
Contact Person: Watkins
Tel. No. (562) 941-2539
Project Name: The Lofts at 3rd and promenade
Job Address: 225 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach, CA.

Name of General Contractor: SHE Engineering & Construction
Address: 18645 Sherman Way, Suite 101, Reseda, CA. 91335
Contact Person: David
Tel. No. (818) 996-2159
Project Name: Lake Avenue Bridge Enhancements
Job Address: Pasadena Bridge

Name of General Contractor: Marina Contractors
Address: 1803 Prosser Avenue, L.A., CA. 90025
Contact Person: Kirk
Tel. No. (818) 679-0308
Project Name: R1, R2 & Glencoe
Job Address: 4151 Redwood Avenue, Marina del Rey, CA. 90292




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